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The Benefits of a Brow Lift

Do you look like you are always scowling? Do people say that you have hooded eyes like a snake? That can be changed for you with a brow lift.

What is a Brow Lift?

The face is prone to aging just like the rest of the body. Years of smiling, frowning and worrying can take its toll. A brow lift just helps you not to look like youíve spent a lifetime doing these things. It is also referred to as ìbrowplasty.î The brow line is tilted up to give the patient a more alert look like when they were several years younger.

Patients may come to see a cosmetic surgeon or an oculoplastic surgeon because it seems like their lids are drooping and obscuring their vision. In some cases, the problem is not the lids but the brow that is sagging and causing the issue. Repositioning the brow can make a huge difference.

The Benefits of a Brow Lift

What can be gained by having this procedure performed?

Fewer forehead creases ñ Lifting the brow minimizes that furrow on the forehead and also if you have one high up between the eyes.

Raises the brow ñ With a higher brow, your expression is more lively and youthful.

Remove the blinders ñ The part of the brow that is obscuring your vision will be elevated out of the way.

Can be minimally invasive ñ This depends on the procedure used but mostly the incisions are small and can be hidden beneath bangs in women. Sutures are usually absorbable so there is only a small scar that will fade with time.

Types of Brow Lift Procedures

Now that you know some of the benefits, hereís how you can get them.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

This procedure uses an endoscope and camera to complete the procedure. Small incisions are made on the upper forehead and a scope is inserted. Endoscopic instrumentation is used to raise the skin off of the bony skull so it can be repositioned. Lifting the skin will smooth out wrinkles. Sutures are then anchored to the bone to maintain the elevation of the brow.

Recovery time is lower because there are just two small incisions made. You can get back to your normal routine in a few days. Because the incisions are small, it is good for men who may not have a lot of hair anymore.

Traditional Brow Lift

Under general anesthesia, incisions are made below the hairline across the forehead. Skin is lifted so that the wrinkled can be smoothed out as the skin is raised. Excess skin is removed and sutures are placed. The incision is longer so there is a longer recovery time.

The results of brow lift surgery can last up to 10 years or more.


The Many Mental Boosts as a Result of Cosmetic Surgery

After cosmetic surgery, many patients say that they feel better about whom they are. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, are you searching for mental boosts as well? Letís take a look at the issue.

Growing Trends

Since 2011, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of cosmetic procedures increases by about 5 percent at least each year. This includes facial plastic surgery procedures. Minimally invasive procedures such as Botox injections were also up in 2011. The trend has continued since them.

These are not just the rich who are going to the knife or the needle, but people from all socioeconomic backgrounds and experiences. Why does this trend seem to keep rising?

According to a European study that was announced earlier this year, plastic surgery patients are reporting feeling happier after their surgery. The act of having the surgery is boosting their confidence levels and enjoyment of life.

In the study, responses were tested from people who have had plastic surgery with those who have never desired it as well as a group that wanted it once but then decided against the procedures. The patients who had opted for the surgery reported to the psychologists that they felt better about the particular feature they had changed. Their newfound confidence brought less anxiety to their lives. They even felt healthier overall even though only one part of their body was changed.


Women (about 87 percent) made up the majority of the patients who had cosmetic surgery. The majority of them knew going in what to expect and kept it realistic. Very few of the respondents had unrealistic ideas about the outcomes of their surgeries and how it would change their lives. This is one reason for so many negative mental outcomes after plastic surgery.

The change may be in the way that the patients viewed themselves. Their level of self-confidence before the surgery wasnít mentioned just that it did increase afterward. These individuals seem to be well-adjusted to life and their place in it. They did not necessarily repeat cosmetic surgery patients, although that is not known for sure.

Because something that they felt hindered them was fixed thoroughly a cosmetic surgical procedure, they felt good overall about their lives and who they were. These mental boosts included:

Greater self-confidence
Boost to sexuality
Boost to mental health in general
A sense of self-improvement

The results of these boosts could not only be the surgery itself but also the one-on-one consultation with the surgeon where both doctor and patient choose the procedure that will bring about the most desired results of the patient. It is a collaborative effort with the individual in mind, not societyís wishes.


The Many Faces of Facelifts

No matter how much money you have, time and age come to all. But, that doesnít stop us from working even harder to turn back the clock. One procedure that is reminiscent of this need to reverse the aging process is a facelift.

What is a Facelift?

The medical term for it is ìrhytidectomy.î Lifting up the face is one way to remove wrinkles in the skin as well as the loose skin on the face. As we age, skin begins to lose elasticity and tone. Also, fat pads in the face shrink. That leaves skin saggy, giving you a careworn look. The purpose of the operation is to return your skin to a more youthful appearance by removing excess skin that has begun to droop.

Men and women both experience this change in the epidermis and underlying layers of the skin. Therefore, a facelift is an option for patients of either gender.

Types of Facelift Procedures

There is more than one option when it comes to changing the general appearance of your face. Which is used will depend on the extent of your loss of elasticity and what you are looking to improve. Weíll name a few here for you. Facelift procedures are done in an outpatient surgical setting. If your surgeonís office is equipped, many can also be performed in an office OR suite.

Full Facelift

This procedure is done when you want to remove the look of wrinkles, loose skin, sagging jowls and smile lines. It is often combined with a neck lift. During a full facelift, incisions are made in front of the ears and skin is pulled tighter over the underlying tissue. The excess is removed and sutures are placed.
Neck Lift

This procedure is often done in conjunction with a full facelift. An incision is made on the chin and loose skin on the neck is removed. Excess fat may be removed by liposuction. The underlying musculature and fascia is reinforced to give a more toned and tightened look.

Fat Transfer Facelifts

In this procedure, fat is removed from other areas of your body and deposited into areas of your face. A certain quantity of fat is removed from the abdominal area or thighs (like transferring fat to the lips). It is then purified and injected into the areas of the face that have lost their fullness over time. No skin is removed but the skin gets a lift through the fat injections into the hollow spaces.

Liquid Facelifts

These are performed with injections of dermal fillers. These gels are injected into the areas that need to be filled out more on the face, such as the cheek area and around the jawline. Because facelifts affect the lower face and neck, Botox may be injected into the forehead and around the eyes to complete the look.

Facelifts can give you a new lease on life.


Lip Augmentation: Are you a Candidate?

Hollywood has gone lip crazy and so has the rest of the world. Full voluptuous lips are synonymous with Hollywood starlets of old and have always been a standard of beauty in the entertainment industry. But, when you visit a plastic surgeon, will he say that you are a candidate for lip augmentation?

What is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is a procedure designed to increase the fullness of your upper and lower lips. There are three different types of procedures that are typically done to achieve this effect.

The first is lip augmentation using lip filler. Fillers are synthetic materials that are designed to be injected into an area of the face to fill it out. Some common injectable substances you might have heard of are Restylane and Juvederm. Restylane is clear gel filler that is made of hyaluronic acid, a sugar found naturally in the body. Juvederm is also made of hyaluronic acid but is long lasting dermal filler.

Under local anesthesia, in a surgeonís office, dermal fillers are injected into the upper and lower lips in small amounts (0.5cc and up). How much you receive depends on the amount of fullness you want in the area. Effects can last from 6 months to a year.

The second method is lip augmentation using fat injections. The fat comes from your body. The results last longer because you are using your own natural body fat to increase the size of your lips.

Using sterile techniques, a local anesthetic is applied to the lips as well as the area of the body where the fat will be removed, typically the thigh or abdominal area. To clean the fat, it is mixed with saline and then centrifuged. This process removes blood and other fluid from the fat. It is then injected into the upper and lower lip. Because fat will settle out, more is applied than needed to account for this fact. This option is more permanent because it is your own tissue.

The third method is lip augmentation via lip implants. Using lip implants does require surgical intervention. Implants are sometimes made of Gore-Tex or even ePTFE. They are smooth and resemble the texture of normal lip tissue.

Under local or general anesthesia, incisions are made at the corners of the mouth. The implant is inserted. How full the lips look depends on the size of the implant used. Sutures are placed to anchor the implants and also to close the incisions. Skin incisions are usually removed after about a week. This is the most permanent solution.

Candidates for Lip Augmentation

So who is the best choice for this type of procedure? If you have thinning lips (due to age), this procedure can return a more youthful look to your mouth. Those with lipstick bleed lines may be losing elasticity in their lips. They are also candidates. Finally, someone who wants a more pronounced outline to their lips would benefit from lip augmentation.

Besides these instances, a good candidate is one who is also in good health. They do not smoke and do not suffer from conditions that affect blood clotting or autoimmune disorders. Above all, a good candidate has a realistic idea of what the surgical outcome will be.


Finding a Trustworthy Cosmetic Surgeon What you should seek

Everywhere you go these days – commercials, billboards, and ads for cosmetic surgical procedures. If everyone is doing it, it canít be that bad, can it? There are people who would disagree with you. The first step to any surgical procedure especially plastic surgery is to choose the right professional for the job.

The Hype and the Horror

If you havenít seen one of those television shows, then all you have to do is Google ìplastic surgery nightmaresî to find accounts of those who have had things go wrong. One thing you might notice is that many of the cases may have been avoided if the patient knew a few helpful tips. Everyone touts the virtue and benefit but if you find the wrong doctor to work with, all of your dreams can go flushing down the toilet.

We mentioned the horrors but you also need to soberly listen to the hype. Cosmetic surgery is still surgery. It is not without its risks. Read the fine print and all the print on the page. Make sure that you understand that the procedure wonít make you look like a fashion model or a movie star. Go into the procedure with your eyes wide open and with no illusions.

5 Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Cosmetic Surgeon

This is your life. Donít be afraid to ask questions. You are the customer and it is you who needs to be satisfied.

Choose a surgeon who is board certified ñ This always rules No. 1. Yes, he might be a surgeon, but board certification means that the doctor has done additional training in this area of expertise. That includes written and oral exams to test his or her competency. If they havenít taken the time to be board certified, then donít take up time on their operating table.

Investigate their medical past ñ Just like you would check to see if there are any grievances against a business, you can check the medical record of any surgeon. Contact the website for the medical board in your state to see if any grievances or malpractice suits have been leveled against the surgeon.

Ask questions ñ Bring all of your concerns to your consultation visit. A plastic surgeon should be used to answering a million questions. If he seems annoyed or dismisses any of your questions, it is probably time to dismiss him.

Ask about the procedure ñ Will your surgeon be performing all aspects of the procedure? Will he be available for your post-operative care? What will you look like right after? Cosmetic surgeons should have before and after photos that they can show you to give you an idea of the outcome of your operation.

Assess his manner ñ You should like your surgeon if you are going to trust him. Is his manner helpful, friendly but totally professional? Does he allow someone to accompany you in the examination room? A surgeon who cares will listen to your fears and expectations and give it to you straight even if that means losing a potential patient.

A successful cosmetic surgery begins with choosing the right cosmetic surgeon.


Enhance your Looks: Enhance your Self-Confidence

Everyone wants to look their best. If that means cosmetic surgery then why not do it? There are tangible benefits to enhancing your looks and that includes increasing your self-confidence.

It all Begins with You

The key to your self-esteem lies within you. Why do you feel the way that you do about yourself in the first place? Self-confidence is about liking who you are and what you look like despite what others think of you. It is not the mark of a dependent personality but one that looks for ways to make themselves look and feel better for themselves.

If you are thinking about making cosmetic changes to your looks, it might help to visit a plastic surgeon to discuss your needs. Cosmetic surgeons donít just look at your body criteria to determine if you are a good candidate for a procedure. They also investigate your psychological profile. Those with unrealistic expectations as well as disconcerting views of themselves send up red flags to the doctor that this enhancement is about more than just self-confidence.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is a form of mental illness that centers on how you view yourself. These are the people who are never satisfied with their appearance even after several cosmetic surgical procedures. Flaws that they notice in themselves may be both minor and unnoticeable or imagined altogether.

The flaws cause distress that can interrupt the flow of daily life. It wonít be just one procedure but many and the satisfaction still isnít there.

People who believe that cosmetic intervention will solve every problem they have or make them ìperfect,î are not seeking to enhance their self-esteem but to change who they are entire. This is beyond the scope of surgical intervention.

The Benefits of Enhancing your Looks

On the other hand, plastic surgery can and has shown to lead to growing satisfaction with self. Something that they felt was holding them back (asymmetrical breasts, small breasts, pucker of skin over the lower abdomen, large nose) has been sculpted and reshaped to bring about a more desirable outcome. The resulting change in habits and happiness are then a result of feeling better about how you look. Because your body looks the best it can, self-confidence is projected.

Increased confidence in sexuality is also a benefit of enhancing your looks. Women particularly feel more feminine and attractive when their body felt desirable to them. That may mean larger breasts, a flatter stomach or no turkey wattle under the chin.

Having realistic expectations also can enhance your looks. The object of plastic surgery is to enhance your well-being with a fresher look. That is totally individual. No one else can look like you and you canít resemble them either. It is as much about self-acceptance as anything else.


Breast Reduction: Many Benefits to Having It Done

Some women develop too much breast tissue. While it seems that everyone is looking for larger breasts, for many, it is a burden that is no fun to bear. If you think that you might be a candidate for breast reduction surgery, here are some of the many benefits that can come with it.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

The medical name for it is reduction mammoplasty.î Women who have large pendulous breasts are often the principal candidates for this procedure. The surgeon will remove excess breast tissue, creating a smaller but still full breast. The nipple and the surrounding areola may be reduced in size as well to fit the smaller size breasts.

Breast reductions surgery is often done for a few reasons. One, patients are experiencing pain as a result of carrying such heavy breasts. Bra straps dig into the shoulders. Neck pain occurs as well as problems with the shoulders from holding up all that tissue.

Two, large breasts can make it harder to participate in physical activities and sports. It is painful and uncomfortable to run and jump. Many sports bras are not large enough to prevent movement in that area.

Three, it is hard to wear certain clothing. Shirts never fit right because you have to account for larger breasts. Wearing bathing suits can be a bit too revealing and garner unwanted and unwelcome attention from others.

If you are experiencing documented pain from large breasts, insurance companies may pay for your surgical procedure. Even though it is cosmetic surgery, there is a real medical need for it to be done. This can save you money as well as pain.

Risks of the Procedure

Even though you are looking forward to the benefits, it is best to know the risks of the procedure before signing on. Everywhere there is an incision on the body there is the potential for scarring. Women of color, with a lot of melanin in their skin, can experience keloids (raised scarring). Scars may be noticeable for some time after surgery.

Other concerns include loss of feeling in nipples or nipples unevenly positioned. A surgeon makes measurements before and during surgery but it is always a possibility that once the tissue settles, there might be some discrepancy. Loss of feeling is often temporary until healing is complete.

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Pain relief ñ Bras fit better without digging into your shoulders. You no longer have to contend with neck pain from leaning forward.

Clothing fits better ñ Wear blouses that fit your upper body and not just to accommodate your breasts.

Better silhouette ñ Instead of large drooping breasts because of their size, you now can have smaller more upright breasts that donít hang down.

Increased self-esteem ñ Attention will be paid to you and not to your breasts, making you uncomfortable.

If your breasts are too hard to handle because they are very large, breast reduction surgery might be for you.


Lost the Weight: Lift the Skin

It is a real challenge to lose weight. What if you have more than 200 pounds to lose? People who have done it deserve congratulations. But, often something else is left behind ñ excess skin.

What to do with the Skin

As the body expands, when we gain weight, the skin stretches to fit our new size. You donít have to be overweight for this to happen. As you grow up, your skin stretches to accommodate your new frame. It just so happens that some people gain excessive amounts of weight and then lose it, have excess skin left behind that did not reshape.

Why does this happen? It could be that the weight was lost too fast. Anyone who has had bariatric surgery such as stomach stapling will often lose weight rather quickly. Toning as you lose weight can improve skin elasticity and help it to reform to your shape. This doesnít have a chance to happen when the weight loss is rapid.

Extra skin can be a result of gaining a large amount of weight and then dropping it. There is just too much skin and that leads to sagging pockets of it on arms, around the waist, on the neck, and on the legs.

This can be a downer for those who are triumphant about their weight loss. The fat is gone but they are ashamed to show off their body because of the extra folds of skin that still remain.

What is Body Contouring?

This is where a skin lift is in order. Good candidates for body contouring surgery include:

Non-smokers ñ Smoking inhibits proper healing
People who have reached their goal weight
People who have no other health issues
People who are psychologically able to handle realistic goals for their surgery

With body contouring surgery, excess pockets of skin are removed (and any associated fat) from body parts that still maintain them after a significant loss of weight. Because of such a stretch of the skin, the elasticity is gone and it cannot confirm back to the shape it had before the weight gain. This unsupported skin can make breasts sag, arms droop, the abdomen overhang like an apron over the over back and the buttocks and thighs sag.

While body contouring can help eliminate this extra skin, it is not without its risks. You are removing large portions of the skin. There is the risk of infection, scarring, bleeding, blood clots, fluid retention, anesthesia complications and revision surgery.

Know the risks of lifting the skin and also the potential benefits of a new look to reflect your new healthier lifestyle. Ask your surgeon if you are a good candidate and what you can reasonably expect as an outcome.


Skin Rejuvenation vs. Cosmetic Surgery

When it comes to your face, itís the first thing that anyone sees of you. As you age, that first impression may fade a bit. How can you keep your look as fresh as possible? Is it skin rejuvenation or cosmetic surgery?

Basically, we are talking about non-invasive versus minimally-invasive or invasive procedures. Many people are choosing plastic surgery for their cosmetic needs; but, is it always necessary to achieve the results that you desire?

Letís take a look at skin rejuvenation and also at cosmetic surgery of the face. Once weíve presented the information, the final decision will be up to you.

Skin Rejuvenation ñ What is it?

Skin is the largest organ in the body and also the only one on the outside of us. Aging, weather, and exposure to the sun along with lifestyle habits can change not only the texture but also the tone of our skin throughout our lifetime. This can include anything from pigment changes from the sun, wrinkles from aging, blotchiness from taking oral contraceptives to hereditary changes.

Skin rejuvenation works on the outside of the body, on the organ of the skin itself. The goal is to create a healthier skin from the deeper layers out. Skin rejuvenation involves skin resurfacing in most cases. This is basically controlled damage to the skin in hopes of creating healthy scar tissue that will reinvigorate the skin and your appearance.

Types of procedures involved in skin rejuvenation include:

Chemical Peel (both superficial and deep)
Laser Resurfacing

You may be an ideal candidate for this type of skin procedure if you have:

Sun damage
Blotchy skin
Wrinkles and crow lines around the eyes
Pocked skin due to acne or chicken pox
Lipstick bleeds above your lips
Facial Scarring

Your plastic surgeon will evaluate your skin type and your needs to see which procedure (if any) will bring you the best results.

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Basically, cosmetic surgery is any of a number of surgical procedures designed to reshape your body in an effort to make it more aesthetically appealing to you, the patient. Depending on the area to be operated on, there are different risk factors. The procedures typically take longer than non-invasive ones and require a certain amount of anesthetization. This may be done with local anesthetic or general anesthesia in an outpatient operating room setting.

Focusing on the face, as we did with skin rejuvenation, there are a number of procedures to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Brow Lift
Fat Injections
Eyelid surgery
Lip augmentation
Nose job (rhinoplasty)

These are but a few of the cosmetic procedures that can give your face the toned and youthful look that it once had.

Which will you Choose?

Depending on the reason for the procedure, both methods can reduce the sign of wrinkles due to aging. Cosmetic surgery can lift and tighten but it does nothing for the appearance of the skin as far as blotchiness, age spots, scarring and such. In fact, scarring can be a risk of invasive surgery.

Both types of procedures have a sizable price tag. Surgery is more permanent but nothing is totally guaranteed in either case.

Skin rejuvenation changes the appearance of the skin by trying to bring out a healthier look. Cosmetic surgery helps to put the best face forward from the inside out.


The Beauty of Mommy Makeovers

Motherhood can be hard on a woman both mentally and physically. In an attempt to recover some of their former selves, many mothers are starting to take part in what is termed ìmommy makeovers.î

The Scenario

You have just given birth to a beautiful bouncing baby. While you are proud of your new creation, the little one has taken its toll on your body. Standing in front of the mirror, you notice almost nothing recognizable of your former physical self.

Have you experienced this before? It can be disheartening for mothers. Youíd probably is interested to know that thereís a new trend about called ìmommy makeovers.î It is giving women back their body and their self-esteem after going through pregnancies.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

In a nutshell, it is the trend towards plastic surgery for post-pregnancy moms who are fighting to get their old bodies back. As a result of the stretch marks, stretched belly added weight and hormonal changes to face and breasts, women have to work hard to lose the baby weight and return to shape.

Even with diet and exercise, some have problem areas that donít seem to go away. It could be that your rectus muscles (abdominal muscles) have separated and there is a permanent pooch that you canít seem to get rid of no matter how many crunches you perform. Or, it might be the breasts that have shrunk after you finish breastfeeding your young one. Even if you lose weight, the fat seems to have redistributed to some places you didnít want it to go.

All of these changes have caused a spike in plastic surgery rates especially among new mothers. They want to preserve who they were before children. For that reason, many plastic surgery patients are getting younger. The young mothers are having breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, breast lifts and other procedures.

Just because you are a mother, doesnít mean you have to look older than your years. With the trends in clothing and such, it is essential that moms have the body they want to pull off those styles.

Now, this isnít just running to the surgeon for a quick fix. It is understood that there need to be realistic expectations. Diet and exercise are often tried first but the results are not satisfactory alone. That is where the cosmetic surgery comes in.

Cosmetic surgery is also not without its pain for gain. Recovery, especially from multiple procedures, can be hard and long. It is not cheap either. Still, many say the results are worth it. To reduce your cost and the number of procedures, many surgeons recommend losing weight through diet and exercise to tighten and tone as much as possible first.

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