Breast Reduction: Many Benefits to Having It Done

Some women develop too much breast tissue. While it seems that everyone is looking for larger breasts, for many, it is a burden that is no fun to bear. If you think that you might be a candidate for breast reduction surgery, here are some of the many benefits that can come with it.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

The medical name for it is reduction mammoplasty.î Women who have large pendulous breasts are often the principal candidates for this procedure. The surgeon will remove excess breast tissue, creating a smaller but still full breast. The nipple and the surrounding areola may be reduced in size as well to fit the smaller size breasts.

Breast reductions surgery is often done for a few reasons. One, patients are experiencing pain as a result of carrying such heavy breasts. Bra straps dig into the shoulders. Neck pain occurs as well as problems with the shoulders from holding up all that tissue.

Two, large breasts can make it harder to participate in physical activities and sports. It is painful and uncomfortable to run and jump. Many sports bras are not large enough to prevent movement in that area.

Three, it is hard to wear certain clothing. Shirts never fit right because you have to account for larger breasts. Wearing bathing suits can be a bit too revealing and garner unwanted and unwelcome attention from others.

If you are experiencing documented pain from large breasts, insurance companies may pay for your surgical procedure. Even though it is cosmetic surgery, there is a real medical need for it to be done. This can save you money as well as pain.

Risks of the Procedure

Even though you are looking forward to the benefits, it is best to know the risks of the procedure before signing on. Everywhere there is an incision on the body there is the potential for scarring. Women of color, with a lot of melanin in their skin, can experience keloids (raised scarring). Scars may be noticeable for some time after surgery.

Other concerns include loss of feeling in nipples or nipples unevenly positioned. A surgeon makes measurements before and during surgery but it is always a possibility that once the tissue settles, there might be some discrepancy. Loss of feeling is often temporary until healing is complete.

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Pain relief ñ Bras fit better without digging into your shoulders. You no longer have to contend with neck pain from leaning forward.

Clothing fits better ñ Wear blouses that fit your upper body and not just to accommodate your breasts.

Better silhouette ñ Instead of large drooping breasts because of their size, you now can have smaller more upright breasts that donít hang down.

Increased self-esteem ñ Attention will be paid to you and not to your breasts, making you uncomfortable.

If your breasts are too hard to handle because they are very large, breast reduction surgery might be for you.

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