Finding a Trustworthy Cosmetic Surgeon What you should seek

Everywhere you go these days – commercials, billboards, and ads for cosmetic surgical procedures. If everyone is doing it, it canít be that bad, can it? There are people who would disagree with you. The first step to any surgical procedure especially plastic surgery is to choose the right professional for the job.

The Hype and the Horror

If you havenít seen one of those television shows, then all you have to do is Google ìplastic surgery nightmaresî to find accounts of those who have had things go wrong. One thing you might notice is that many of the cases may have been avoided if the patient knew a few helpful tips. Everyone touts the virtue and benefit but if you find the wrong doctor to work with, all of your dreams can go flushing down the toilet.

We mentioned the horrors but you also need to soberly listen to the hype. Cosmetic surgery is still surgery. It is not without its risks. Read the fine print and all the print on the page. Make sure that you understand that the procedure wonít make you look like a fashion model or a movie star. Go into the procedure with your eyes wide open and with no illusions.

5 Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Cosmetic Surgeon

This is your life. Donít be afraid to ask questions. You are the customer and it is you who needs to be satisfied.

Choose a surgeon who is board certified ñ This always rules No. 1. Yes, he might be a surgeon, but board certification means that the doctor has done additional training in this area of expertise. That includes written and oral exams to test his or her competency. If they havenít taken the time to be board certified, then donít take up time on their operating table.

Investigate their medical past ñ Just like you would check to see if there are any grievances against a business, you can check the medical record of any surgeon. Contact the website for the medical board in your state to see if any grievances or malpractice suits have been leveled against the surgeon.

Ask questions ñ Bring all of your concerns to your consultation visit. A plastic surgeon should be used to answering a million questions. If he seems annoyed or dismisses any of your questions, it is probably time to dismiss him.

Ask about the procedure ñ Will your surgeon be performing all aspects of the procedure? Will he be available for your post-operative care? What will you look like right after? Cosmetic surgeons should have before and after photos that they can show you to give you an idea of the outcome of your operation.

Assess his manner ñ You should like your surgeon if you are going to trust him. Is his manner helpful, friendly but totally professional? Does he allow someone to accompany you in the examination room? A surgeon who cares will listen to your fears and expectations and give it to you straight even if that means losing a potential patient.

A successful cosmetic surgery begins with choosing the right cosmetic surgeon.

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