Lost the Weight: Lift the Skin

It is a real challenge to lose weight. What if you have more than 200 pounds to lose? People who have done it deserve congratulations. But, often something else is left behind ñ excess skin.

What to do with the Skin

As the body expands, when we gain weight, the skin stretches to fit our new size. You donít have to be overweight for this to happen. As you grow up, your skin stretches to accommodate your new frame. It just so happens that some people gain excessive amounts of weight and then lose it, have excess skin left behind that did not reshape.

Why does this happen? It could be that the weight was lost too fast. Anyone who has had bariatric surgery such as stomach stapling will often lose weight rather quickly. Toning as you lose weight can improve skin elasticity and help it to reform to your shape. This doesnít have a chance to happen when the weight loss is rapid.

Extra skin can be a result of gaining a large amount of weight and then dropping it. There is just too much skin and that leads to sagging pockets of it on arms, around the waist, on the neck, and on the legs.

This can be a downer for those who are triumphant about their weight loss. The fat is gone but they are ashamed to show off their body because of the extra folds of skin that still remain.

What is Body Contouring?

This is where a skin lift is in order. Good candidates for body contouring surgery include:

Non-smokers ñ Smoking inhibits proper healing
People who have reached their goal weight
People who have no other health issues
People who are psychologically able to handle realistic goals for their surgery

With body contouring surgery, excess pockets of skin are removed (and any associated fat) from body parts that still maintain them after a significant loss of weight. Because of such a stretch of the skin, the elasticity is gone and it cannot confirm back to the shape it had before the weight gain. This unsupported skin can make breasts sag, arms droop, the abdomen overhang like an apron over the over back and the buttocks and thighs sag.

While body contouring can help eliminate this extra skin, it is not without its risks. You are removing large portions of the skin. There is the risk of infection, scarring, bleeding, blood clots, fluid retention, anesthesia complications and revision surgery.

Know the risks of lifting the skin and also the potential benefits of a new look to reflect your new healthier lifestyle. Ask your surgeon if you are a good candidate and what you can reasonably expect as an outcome.

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