Skin Rejuvenation vs. Cosmetic Surgery

When it comes to your face, itís the first thing that anyone sees of you. As you age, that first impression may fade a bit. How can you keep your look as fresh as possible? Is it skin rejuvenation or cosmetic surgery?

Basically, we are talking about non-invasive versus minimally-invasive or invasive procedures. Many people are choosing plastic surgery for their cosmetic needs; but, is it always necessary to achieve the results that you desire?

Letís take a look at skin rejuvenation and also at cosmetic surgery of the face. Once weíve presented the information, the final decision will be up to you.

Skin Rejuvenation ñ What is it?

Skin is the largest organ in the body and also the only one on the outside of us. Aging, weather, and exposure to the sun along with lifestyle habits can change not only the texture but also the tone of our skin throughout our lifetime. This can include anything from pigment changes from the sun, wrinkles from aging, blotchiness from taking oral contraceptives to hereditary changes.

Skin rejuvenation works on the outside of the body, on the organ of the skin itself. The goal is to create a healthier skin from the deeper layers out. Skin rejuvenation involves skin resurfacing in most cases. This is basically controlled damage to the skin in hopes of creating healthy scar tissue that will reinvigorate the skin and your appearance.

Types of procedures involved in skin rejuvenation include:

Chemical Peel (both superficial and deep)
Laser Resurfacing

You may be an ideal candidate for this type of skin procedure if you have:

Sun damage
Blotchy skin
Wrinkles and crow lines around the eyes
Pocked skin due to acne or chicken pox
Lipstick bleeds above your lips
Facial Scarring

Your plastic surgeon will evaluate your skin type and your needs to see which procedure (if any) will bring you the best results.

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Basically, cosmetic surgery is any of a number of surgical procedures designed to reshape your body in an effort to make it more aesthetically appealing to you, the patient. Depending on the area to be operated on, there are different risk factors. The procedures typically take longer than non-invasive ones and require a certain amount of anesthetization. This may be done with local anesthetic or general anesthesia in an outpatient operating room setting.

Focusing on the face, as we did with skin rejuvenation, there are a number of procedures to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Brow Lift
Fat Injections
Eyelid surgery
Lip augmentation
Nose job (rhinoplasty)

These are but a few of the cosmetic procedures that can give your face the toned and youthful look that it once had.

Which will you Choose?

Depending on the reason for the procedure, both methods can reduce the sign of wrinkles due to aging. Cosmetic surgery can lift and tighten but it does nothing for the appearance of the skin as far as blotchiness, age spots, scarring and such. In fact, scarring can be a risk of invasive surgery.

Both types of procedures have a sizable price tag. Surgery is more permanent but nothing is totally guaranteed in either case.

Skin rejuvenation changes the appearance of the skin by trying to bring out a healthier look. Cosmetic surgery helps to put the best face forward from the inside out.

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